Very kindly, some families have written to say
that they were, shall we say, “happy” with the way everything went on the day. Its the best thing we get. Thanks.

These are available at the offices in Barming or Bearsted for you to see if you wish. Surnames are deleted, of course.
(Matthew and Kim, most recent at the top please, and no sarcastic comment about me not managing to crop them)

Angela had two sister in to make arrangements for their mother. A lovely couple who were a privilege to help. Another nice family said Angela.

Scan 130415

I had a lovely family that I helped recently. I had the great honor of having known them for many years.

Scan 2703 2

Another from Angela, and Angela said they were suffering a tragic loss whilst on a holiday. She added that they were a true example of family unity, dignity and strength.

Scan 2703 1

This funeral was for a very elegant lady, just past her 100th birthday too.

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One from Angela, or Posh as we like to call her.

Scan 060115

The above picture and the following card are the same thing. Angela was most insistent that the cover picture was included. I did explain that one was on the back of the other, but it that didn’t make any difference.  What can I say about this family? They are lovely people, and its such a loss for them. We have helped them with three funerals this year, and now they have become friends.

Scan 160115

Kim had this lovely and very chatty lady, to deal with in October.  Such a lovely lady and a lovely family too.

Bearsted 30 Oct

Scan 1309

Ah, bless her. Posh has received what could easily be one of the best letters of acknowledgement I have ever seen. This man was a real “gentleman” so I’m told. I true honour to help him, was how she told it. And the letter….

This one is a little delicate. You’ll see why. I will add only that Kim thought this family just the most amazingly loving people she had ever met. I had to copy their card and cut the copies to post it here as it is.

Now this was a sad situation. Well they are all sad really. Nice lady, her father died and the funeral took place at a local church and churchyard, and then we placed the casket of her mothers ashes on top of her mothers coffin at the same time. There was standard bearer from the Burma Star Association who stood throughout the service. He was 95!

Our lovely Angela (or posh, to the rest of us) had this lovely letter. This was a Saturday funeral, which is a little unusual, and there were quite a few unusual features about this funeral. Most of them were on two wheels! Angela, I should say that I was quietly hoping it would be raining just before the service, as I knew you had a long walk to the church. There, I’ve said it. What a terrible boss I am. I only wanted you to get wet! For those of you reading this, its quite funny watching a lady funeral director when they get wet. I’m probably in serious trouble now, and there are four of them at various offices. Anyway, posh, well done. What a lovely letter and you did say what a lovely family they were to deal with. I told you that you would be excellent as a funeral director didn’t I.

This was another family that Kim saw. One day I’ll get a look in! Anyway. This family went to Charing Crematorium. Which is a lovely place. We used to go there all the time years ago, but gradually its less and less. Shame really. Anyway, a lovely family and they filled the chapel there too. By the way I taught Kim everything she knows!


This is another of Kim’s families. Kim said they were really lovely, but that they had quite a lot of experience within the funeral profession locally. Which is a euphemism for “they work for another funeral director” But they were extremely kind in asking us to assist them with their family funeral. Thank you Stacey. Your secret is safe with us. By the way Kim says can she have a nice red wine please! And I drink whiskey, and ……..

This lady I liked very much. I hope she will not mind if I call her a posh lady. Very nicely spoken. It was her sisters funeral. All rather sad really. Anyway I did slightly tell her off when we scattered her sisters ashes at the crematorium. Daphne, bless you, you did give yourself a really hard time that day! But thank you so much for the lovely, lovely card. Hope to see you in church one day.

One of the lovely families we help. This was a big family and the grown up children did their bit, but the day was stolen by the grandchildren. They lined up beside the coffin in church in Harrietsham, then each in turn said their piece. We were blessed with just the right combination of great family, Vicar, Church and weather. Thanks Melanie for the lovely card.

They say life is tough! And it is, but the sooner we accept that its going to be tough, the sooner it gets easier. Not sure if I completely understand the logic in that. but I keep reading it and with luck one day I’ll understand. One really tough thing I do know a bit about is the dangers of drug taking among the younger people. This year the company sponsored the production of drug awareness booklets for the students at Cornwallis Academy. I have one here and its really interesting. Anyway, I pray they help someone, somewhere. We did it last year too, but I wasn’t so cool with the website in those days. (Yes I know, it needs turning round, if you can do it perhaps you could let me know how)

This letter is so lovely I’ve had it on my desk for a long time. Joy wrote to me after the funeral of her husband. That letter is somewhere down the list if you wish to see it you can scroll down. This lady, Joy is her name, is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever dealt with. Thank you Joy for the letter. Its a really fabulous thank you.

Matthew or Kim will probably moan at me for not cropping these letters, but I still can’t do it!

Lovely families and Michael is happy now as he got a mention!!

Where to start with this next one. A very sweet family. Lovely lady and two fantastic children have lost their husband/dad. I did actually know this chap too, and he was a really nice guy. Proper “bloke” if you know what I mean. So easy to talk to and be with. I helped him and his sister quite recently with their Mum’s funeral. A really nice guy. Terrible. Anyway, he lost his battle and now they are alone. The lad (I think he is about 13) broke my heart on the funeral, as I sat with him in the attendants room we watched the service on the screen there. We said the prayers together, and I have to say, it almost brought me to tears. Remember I have been a Funeral Director for almost 40 years, and this lad really got to me. The whole family did, but the little man just wanted his Dad and that was all there was to it.

They are in my prayers.


Thank you Denise, your quiet dignity made me feel very humble. Quite what one says in this situation is hard to think. Even after all my years. I wish you peace my friend. Michael Lawrence.

Another family….difficult time but they managed to get through it!

Two lovely daughters had to arrange a funeral for the first time. We guided them through and it was a pleasure to get to know them. The day went very well and we believe their mum would have been very proud of them.

This next card is from an amazing family who were already dealing with many challenges at this difficult time. They were determined to have the best tribute possible for their loved one. The day was a real celebration of life, filled with good memories, love and laughter.

This one came from a lovely local family (to Barming), so we took them to St Margaret’s Church Barming, and had a good wander around on a Saturday to help them make the choice. Its such a fantastically peaceful place that once they saw it, they wanted it. And the burial took place there a week later. Thank you Ina for the lovely card.

Michael – I managed to ‘crop’ my picture and I didn’t need a five year old to show me!!

A lovely family and was a pleasure to carry out all their wishes.

This one arrived recently, and I did get a mention even though Kim did all the work!

A lovely letter for Kim – a great start to a Monday morning, receiving this! Thank you, and such lovely hand writing. Puts your to shame Kim.

Ah well, another of Matthew’s letters. Of course he only gets them because I taught him everything he knows. Didn’t I Matthew?

At last! One of mine. This letter is one of the nicest letters I have ever seen. Such a sweet family. And to take the time to write such a kind letter. And neither Kim or Matthew get a mention anywhere. Yippee! I did try to cut the size down, but I couldn’t find a five year old to show me how to use the scanner properly. So I am sorry for all the blank space around the letter. Try and beat this one Matthew.

This is one of Kim’s families. I’m a bit cross because I don’t get these lovely letters anymore! This one doesn’t even say my name anywhere. Huh. Still, Kim said they were a lovely family, and of course this is just the way it should be. Well done Kim.

This was another lovely family, who had a very sad funeral a few years ago, for their pretty amazing daughter. The father never really came to terms with that loss. To be honest I don’t think any of them did. When the father died we helped them through it. The wonderful thing here was the use of words. So kind of them. One day I must find a three year old to show me how to use the scanner!

The following letter was from a family we had been instructed to help before. They kindly asked for me to carry out the funeral, even though Matthew made all the arrangements with them. Fortunately Matthew and I don’t compete anymore. He knows I am the boss, so what I say goes. Isn’t that right Matthew!

 Kim has now started to conduct funerals, having been arranging for some years, and it will certainly be the making of her. Of course now I have Matthew over there and Kim over here, both getting these lovely letter. Its all getting rather irritating!

This was one of Kim’s first funerals.



This was a local family, where the two daughters were very concerned to look after their Mums feeling concerning the funeral. They were very detailed in everything they said and did, so we knew exactly what they wanted. Everything went off smoothly and they kindly sent this card. Kim got first name billing too! 


This family had a very tragic sudden death
which they all coped with very well. Considering
they had no “parent” to help them with the whole thing. 




This was another lovely family to deal with.
One thing with this family, they knew what they wanted from the start.
No messing around with them.
Straight talking and so lovely to deal with.


Matthew & I worked together on this funeral, and the family were kind enough to write in and thank us. I did argue that because my name came first that they must be thanking me most. But we just cant seem to agree.


Ah, one of mine. Get back Matthew!

Another one where Matthew just gets a mention. Actually he is so modest he keeps all his in his briefcase so I can’t see them!

Ah, I found one of Matthew’s ones. (He gets more than me, but as I am the boss I don’t want anyone to know that)

Matthew asked me to include this one, because he wanted me to see it too! Hmm. The young upstart seems to be getting quite good. I must start to loose them when he gives them to me. 

 Fortunately Matthew was out of the office when this family came in and I managed to beat him to it.