Funeral vehicles, love them or hate them

OK. please remember that some people like to do their own thing where it comes to funeral vehicles. So the motorbike hearse would appeal to some and not others. Horses for courses, and yes we do have them too!

The new Volvo hearse and limousines funeral vehicles we use, of which we are very proud, are in all black coachwork. They are now with consecutive number plates and are all seat belted and six doors, leather trimmed, and air-conditioned for your comfort.

New volvo hearse

highly polished modern funeral vehicles


New hearse 2

The limousine below is one of the previous vehicles, and I will get Craig out again to take some pictures of the new ones as soon as possible.

Family Funeral Service limousine

We now use the current model Volvo and this time they are all black coachwork. We can also get a pink hearse if you are really er, mad, or you really like pink!

More funeral vehicles

Now this is not every ones idea of the perfect vehicle, but if the cap fits……

This is quite an old Daimler DS420, which to be honest, are not in demand these days. With the exception of this one. This is the only pink hearse in the country that I know of, and it is based in London where it is very busy. I have used it in 2010, and it was quite something. There is no matching limousine yet (2012).

And for those who like the idea of something other than black, or pink, there are the following.

White, OK if the weather is good,
but they look dirty very quickly if the weather is not good.

Silver, is a very smart colour, and very popular too.

Again these are quite old vehicles, and not greatly sought after these days. Except if you want a different colour. I have to admit to a long love affair with these old monsters. I cut my teeth driving one of these when the family used to have them. Lovely to drive, great to ride in on the back seat (occasional seats for the others) but hateful to wash because they are as big as a small lorry!

Horse drawn hearse

To be honest, this is a very peaceful way to travel. But not too far, and pray for dry weather!

Pete has been doing this work for many years, and I like the way he does things. There are others around but this needs to be a professional experienced company. Not someone who just takes it up for fun! We use a very professional company, fully insured, trained and yes we do check them out fully.

historic funeral vehicles


Following an unhappy experience, which fortunately fell to me to deal with, I have advised all staff that they can only use horse drawn funeral vehicles that are approved by me. There are two such approved companies.

Just recently in October 2015, a lovely family had a pretty terrible situation to deal with. Very fortunately they were a very strong family unit. One thing they did want was a Vintage Rolls Royce hearse. The company has other vehicles available to hire and you can view their fleet here

So we arrange to bring in this beautiful old lady. At almost 80 years old she was pretty amazing.

Vintage Rolls hearse 4

vintage funeral vehicles are available

This was a very elegant way to travel and it suited this family beautifully. You know who you are. You were an amazing family to deal with. I, and all the staff wish you well as you make your way forward in life.

Vintage Rolls hearse 3

I am trying to get the co-operation of a company that supply London buses to various events, to have one that we could use. Imagine everyone going together to the funeral! It could be very intimate with just the family, or more “celebratory” with lots of people invited, and remember they seat around 50 people too. I will add more when I find one that says yes.

Struggling to find one in the south of England. If you know of one, please let me know.

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