About Us

Here we are. Some terrible photos’ taken at the new premises in Maidstone. Obviously we are not all there all the time, however we can be there at the drop of a hat, unless we are actually on a funeral service when you come in.

We will welcome you with a smile.

Nothing worse that going into anywhere, least of all a funeral directors, and being met by a miserable face. We will probably force feed you tea or coffee for the duration of your visit. You can have brandy in it too, or just the brandy if you like! It does sometimes come in handy when you visit the chapel of rest.

Also at Barming, Rick is very calm and collected, and you will find him at the office when you come in. He has been with us for a while now and recently gained his DipFAA, and is looking forward to taking the Dip FD.

The bearer staff, who are the backbone of the service we provide, are all a bit camera shy. I couldn’t manage without them. They all drink rather a lot of tea, but they do drive you gently to the service and back