Caskets coffins and headstones

Carved Lion on Nabresina This is the page everyone is fascinated by. To be quite honest, use a traditional style coffin like the Chiltern Oak. Give the rest to a charity. There I have said it and my Funeral Director friends and foes will be sucking the air through their teeth. Family Funeral Service will never encourage you to buy “upmarket” coffins or caskets. Beware of those who do! If we have, or come to think of even if we have not, been able to assist you with a burial, we will be very happy to continue that assistance and go on to provide you with your headstone or other monumental masonry requirements. More blurb on that page. We are Funeral Directors, and yes we are also a business, and we employ 16 staff including casual staff. They all live in the local area. They are well paid, (I would like to pay them more). Funerals are expensive, and if we can help you keep the cost to a minimum, whilst still having the fitting service with dignity and respect, that your loved one deserves, then we will be happy.