Our funeral charges

green tea, but others are available!

Funeral service charges for January 2020 – December 2021

I appreciate that this may not be the time that many of you will want to have to trawl through these details. However price transparency is important, and some from outside this very rewarding and fascinating industry have the power to force us to put you in this situation.

Please collect your thoughts. Take your time! And have a look below. (If its just too much, please call and we can talk about it instead!) If you do feel like comparing prices, we do not hide any charges. Many will not be as open.

At a date not too far into the future we will be required to submit charges to a price comparison website. At this point we will adjust our charges to match those of our competitors. Where they hide their charges in additional services.  The same “additional services” that we include and always have. I am the only second generation funeral director in the area. No matter what the others may claim, they are all new people. Some company names remain but the originator is no longer there. Just recently the rather wonderful company Viners in West Malling changed hands unexpectedly. Keith has retired, and we wish him well.

If you want experience or continuity, you know where we are!