Funeral prices

Everyone needs to know about funeral prices at one point in their life. Quite fair enough really.

If you have a funeral to arrange, you are likely to be in a muddle at the moment. So I have kept things simple here. So that it is easy to understand what is a charge made by us, as funeral directors, and what is a third party or disbursement charge made by others. These prices are correct as at March 2019.

Once you look at it, you will understand, and in any case I’d love to talk to you about your particular needs. We don’t have and never have had “package deals” as you will find on other websites, as we don’t think of you  or your loved one, as a package! And anyway these will be prohibited by the upcoming CMA Investigation into Funeral Pricing across the whole country, during the next 12-18 months.

Price of a funeral service where the following are required.

1 Collection of the deceased during normal working hours, from a hospital or hospice, nursing or care home, or private address around 10 miles from the office. This company uses new or nearly new dedicated specialist built, fully equipped vehicles, not a family estate car or people carrier that will be offered to you as a limousine on the funeral! Some companies will do this.

2 Completion of all necessary forms and assistance with registering the death. We won’t post it to you, or ask you to complete it. WE sit with you, ask you the questions and complete them leaving you just to sign them.

3 Making and confirming the arrangements with crematorium, yourself and the selected Minister or civil celebrant. You will leave our office with a confirmation of the date and time and the detailed estimate, along with our client funeral information booklet and folder.

4 Use of our chapel of rest facilities during normal working hours. 

5 Provision of our standard Chiltern coffin. Not the same as some particularly unpleasant looking coffins supplied by other Funeral Directors, as their standard coffin.

6 Our Hearse, funeral director and bearers on the day. (Modern, new or nearly new Volvo vehicles. Not an ancient poor condition vehicle picked up at an auction and used by some Funeral Directors as a quality vehicle)

We do not penalise clients with hidden charges. For example we do not charge you to collect the cremated remains from the crematorium. Believe me some will do this. We do not charge you any more to have the funeral service in your church. Again there are those who will. Etc. Etc. Etc. They do however advertise a lower professional fee than I do. But they will add charges for every item possible until you are paying more than you would at this funeral service.

Funeral service at Vinters Park Crematorium.

Vinters Park Crematorium from above - Family Funeral Service Maidstone

The cost of a local funeral Civil Celebrant of Minister of the appropriate faith.

Doctors fee for the completion of Cremation Forms 4 & 5.

£3650.00 inclusive

Of course there are any number of additional items that can be added to a traditional funeral, if desired. We can discuss their respective prices over the ‘phone. But to give you an idea, this I hope will help. Some of the staff are also happy to help as celebrant at your service, and as we are already employed by you, you could save the approximately £200 the celebrant may charge.

Alternatively a Memorial Service?

A very old idea this one, that some new funeral directors will tell you is a new idea!

The cremation may take place at an entirely different day and time from the Memorial Service which then follows, perhaps a day or perhaps a week later. This Memorial Service can then be arranged so that the ashes may or may not be present as a focal point for a Memorial Service, which could be arranged at an alternative venue. A church possibly, but also a hotel perhaps.

If you require this service and would not be attending the cremation, we can offer a reduction in the charge we make. We would normally perform this at a quieter time of day, when the crematorium will sometimes charge a reduced rate.

We could perform this Direct Cremation service for £1995.00 plus disbursements.

This would include,

Local in hours collection of the deceased
Transport and bearer staff directly to a crematorium.
Fees and charges at the crematorium.
Doctors fees for completion of Cremation Forms 4 & 5
Prompt return of the ashes to the family.

Burial at Maidstone Cemetery or a local churchyard

We are quite lucky in Maidstone with our lovely cemetery just off the Sutton Road. Its a very peaceful place, and is a local haven for wildlife too.

You can have an ashes plot there with a headstone later from £630.00, but not including your headstone.

Or coffin burial is available from £4200, inclusive of grave charges, our services of arranging and conducting the service, provision of an oak veneered coffin with an oak grave marker, and any local Minister or Civil Celebrant.

We are proud members of the NAFD, our premises and paperwork is checked by them during unannounced visits to each office. Our staff are highly dedicated team, and you will not be disappointed by the outstanding level of person service they provide.