Our approach is simple. We sit with you in our office or your home for as long as it may take. It may frequently involve more than one visit to fully discuss with you how we might accomplish your wishes and objectives regarding the funeral service. The deceased may have left clear instructions and we will be able to advise how these can be accomplished with dignity and respect. On the other hand you may be facing an unexpected death where no discussion had ever taken place relating to this subject. In either case we will slowly, but methodically move you through the various decisions that will face you, always providing the options for you to select from.

Discuss the options…..

Many clients seek our advice on what services are available for both burial and cremation. In addition, we can advise on what local facilities are available and how specific wishes can be accommodated. Sometimes, it’s just good to sit and talk, and we can provide whatever service venue information you need to help you make a decision. You can then take this information away and discuss the options with relatives and friends. Talking things through can help give confidence that the important decisions you are making are the right ones.  We can help create a unique and meaningful funeral service that focuses not on their death, but rather on their life. And we can help you and your family be part of that celebration.

Hand painted coffin….

The choice of flowers and caskets which we can offer are broad and extensive. We’re certain we can offer whatever tributes you have in mind. We can discuss availability and we’re happy to try and meet your objectives based on budget and imagination. Anything from the traditional oak veneered coffin, through cardboard, wicker, bamboo and even hand painting a coffin.


Our chapel of rest is open by appointment during normal working hours and is available from Monday to Friday, and additionally on Saturday morning. We are also very happy for family members to attend during the evening.

We gladly offer a 24 hour personal service because you have just given us a great responsibility. Caring for your loved one is a sacred duty for the funeral director, and we take that responsibility very seriously. If you have a problem or suggestion or just a simple question, I want you to let me sort it out. Please don’t wait for Monday morning to come round. This is one great advantage of instructing my business. I, or a member of my staff who you will have met, will be answering the ‘phone when you call, and you can contact myself, or a member of my team by calling: 01622 260200 any time of day and any day of the week.