St Margaret’s Church Barming

St. Margaret of Antioch, the Parish Church of Barming is a 12th Century gem. A printable twelve page introduction to the history of St. Margaret’s can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Church is located in Church Lane, off South Street, Barming, Maidstone, Kent. For Sat Nav purposes the post code is ME16 9HA.

This is a very beautiful ancient country Church. It is very comfortable and yes it does have toilet facilities, a decent car park, and privacy that you don’t get at a crematorium. Interestingly the current Rector (who is a thoroughly decent chap) is happy to perform the whole service, including Committal, within the Church. If you only want to have one venue, then this could be it. Plus there are facilities to have a funeral tea on church premises along the lane from the church. Call me and we will explain how it could work for you.

This is the choir and altar area and it is very beautiful. The coffin stands just about where the picture is taken from. If you are thinking of hymns and there are only a few of you, fear not. There is a choir based at the Heart of Kent Hospice, and for a donation to the Hospice they will come along and sing with you. Very helpful, and very lovely people too.

The family seat on both sides at this Church, though the front right pew only has sensible seating for three. Then work backwards into friends and neighbours.

This is such a pretty little Church, hidden away slightly, but well worth finding.

This is a slightly strange looking picture, but, it does give an excellent idea of the overall size of the Church.

The picture below show a neat wooden box of tricks where the sound system is controlled from.

Seating here is around 170 maximum. Yes there is heating during the winter and if you live in the parish then there is still space for coffin burials too.

The last Rector recently retired, and everyone at the Church is very sorry to see him go.  If you are reading this Nigel and May, enjoy your well earned retirement.

The church was recently rewired and redecorated, and is an excellent venue.

Hurrah. The new Rector is another gem. The very lovely Wil North. How lucky is this parish. Welcome Wil.

Check their own website for further details


Thank you Reverend McGregor for allowing the pictures to be taken. And again to Craig for taking them. Hopefully Wil will allow them to remain.


Nicola from A Dove above the rest
Nicola from A Dove above the rest.

This is Nicola from A Dove above the rest. Dove releasing is very popular these days and it’s easy to see why. They are truly beautiful birds.

At “A Dove above the rest”, all the doves are trained to return to their home, many times before you get to handle them. Nicola will talk you through the release process to be sure you’re ready and comfortable. This is a covid safe activity! The rate is currently (August 2020) £100 for the first bird, and this company will cover the cost of another five bird making a basket of 6 bird only £100! This is a new business and we at Family Funeral Service want to encourage and support them. You can have a Dove Release at any local Church, Cemetery or Crematorium.