St Nicholas Church Leeds village

What can I say, except, I did ask the Vicar Nigel to make the carpet straight. He told me he had done it and it looks fine. Hmmm. He is a lovely chap, but he is driving, and if he thinks this is straight there must be something wrong with his eyes! Sorry Nigel. The lovely Nigel has now retired and currently there is no Vicar here. That isn’t a problem as we can bring a vicar from another parish to take the service.

This is another beautiful ancient building, simply oozing with atmosphere. If you do use this Church, you should know it comfortably seats 100 people with plenty of room for another 100 standing. It is warm, well lit, and has toilet facilities.

The pulpit on the right is for Sunday service, so the Vicar, and any family or friends speaking, will do their part from the lectern on the left in these pictures.

The tower door, which is the way in and out for us. Its truly as magnificent and imposing as it looks.

Plenty of room as you can see, in fact this is a very large venue. And yes, you can use it even if you don’t live here. Mind you the Churchyard is only for residents.

Seven in each row, which means most of the immediate family sit together. There is the lectern again.

I sit back here, making sure everything goes to plan.

We will park the hearse here on the cobbles, closely followed by the limousine. Other mourners will park in the car park and it couldn’t be more convenient. This Vicar will do the whole service here in Church if we ask him. So no one needs travel to the crematorium except me. There is a very nice pub in the village, within easy walking distance of the Church. Let me talk to you about this, and you may find it suits you very well. Not sure, well we can arrange to take you there of course.