St Peters RC Bearsted

This is a very pretty little church, well actually its not little really, and it has some great facilities too. Its tucked away a bit, but if you are looking for a Catholic Church service in Bearsted, you will probably know it very well already.

The Priest there currently is Father Geoffrey, and he is a very nice, easy to get along with chap. He has been happy to accommodate the request of my last family there without any problem, and that included reading the eulogy very well. Now that sounds easy, but it was full of humorous anecdotes and its difficult to get them right, but he did it very well and the family were very pleased with his help and support.

This is the approach and to the right just out of the picture is the large car park.

This is the view from the green, where friends and relations can gather to await your arrival, weather permitting!

This is directly in front of the door, and its great access for anyone as there are no steps to negotiate. You will sit at the front on the left as you look at the picture.


You can see from this view that there is plenty of room inside for a large gathering, and it is arranged in a slight incline towards the back, so that everyone has an uninterrupted view of proceedings.


From this view, you can see the very lovely airy feel this church has. The floor to roof windows, and the vaulted roof make this a very comfortable place to celebrate the life of a loved one.

Finally, may I give my grateful thanks to Father Geoffrey for allowing these pictures to be taken, and to David the photographer, who kindly persuaded him for me!