Vinters Park Crematorium

These pages are here to help you select the right venue for the funeral service. We will of course be happy to discuss your requirements with you, however you may find it helpful to review these pictures and their descriptions at your convenience.

Vinters Park Crematorium from above - Family Funeral Service Maidstone


It is modern and comfortable. Everyone has a good view of proceedings. The Catafalque is central and the curtains, should you decide to use them, are just visible in this picture, and close very close to the coffin. This is a good chapel for family members to carry the coffin as there are no steps or low doors to negotiate. Arrangements for music are excellent here as are the staff. We enter via doors at the bottom of the picture and leave through the side doors. The Chapel seats just over 80 mourners plus a small balcony where the picture has been taken from.

There are seats on the left hand side, which are usually for family, along with the front rows on the right. As you can see it is a very comfortable and well maintained environment.

Vinters Park Crematorium family area - Family Funeral Service

Services can be up to 30 minutes, and it is only a £97.00 crematorium fee to increase this to up to one hour. Now this might sound like a long time, but remember you don’t have to use it all. Sometimes it is good to have just a little longer and do it comfortably, rather than rush it, or even worse, not do something you later regret. Talk to me about what you want to do.

Vinters Park Crematorium Maidstone

This is where we begin. There is reasonable parking here at the Chapel entrance plus further car parking along the drive.

Vinters Park Crematorium

The Management at Vinters Park Crematorium were the first to allow us to place pictures on our website for which we are very grateful. Others have since agreed and their pictures will be included as soon as possible.

Photos kindly taken by Craig