Award winners

ISO Certified, the first in Kent!


ISO certificate

At The Family Funeral Service we have a philosophy of providing the finest facilities and services supported by the best funeral directors and driver bearers in the business. Quite simply they are the best, but don’t tell them I said that please! The company recently passed its certification review from the assessor and we have been awarded the certificate for our Quality Management Systems, and it is these systems that help ensure we operate to the best of our ability at all times.

Award Winners for Golden Charter.

On the 15th September 2018,  Andy and I travelled up to Edinburgh (by train because Andy hates flying!) as we had been nominated for an Award by Golden Charter.

Golden Charter are the largest Funeral Planning Company in the UK, and they only work with Independent Funeral Directors.

We were thrilled to have been nominated for the Regional Award by them for providing more funeral plans than any other company of our size, in this region. And we won!

A lot of this is down to the chap who works full time in the Company, Andy Beckwith. He has been a rock for us and we have to sell funeral plans because the big funeral companies like the CoOp and Dignity and even Age Concern (whose plans we are not allowed to carry out) are selling plans very comprehensively. We have to do the same, or we could be out of business in 20 years!!!