Exhumation and reburial, or cremation

If you are a local authority/police officer investigating/church authority requiring Exhumation please dial 01622 920305 for 24hour service.

It may become necessary to move the remains of a loved one for many reasons. It’s probably the single most difficult decision you’ll ever have to make. But it just has to happen.

We are the most experienced exhumation practitioners in Kent, with experience in exhumation dating back 25 years, to almost the current day.

Exhumation preparation

Here at Family Funeral Service, we have experience in offering exhumations to private clients, HM Coroner Maidstone, and historic authorities including working to requirements of English Heritage, over recent years.

Existing coffin 1

Whatever the reason for this requirement, you can be assured that we will guide you throughout the whole procedure. Your situation will be handled by Director level staff with many years experience, supported by experienced funeral directors throughout and on the day of exhumation. Our staff have rehearsed procedures, current experience and are available to discuss without obligation, any situation you may be facing.

Existing coffin secured for transit

The above photographs are for illustration only, and have been displayed here with the very kind permission of the next of kin, for which we are extremely grateful.

This situation involved detailed discussion with the client over a period of time. Provision of estimated costings in line with our Code of Practice, obtaining exhumation documentation from the Ministry of Justice, followed by reburial at another location. (Kept private in order to protect the identity of the deceased and next of kin)

The existing coffin had to be secured before removal from the ground as we did not wish to disturb the physical remains within. This involved securing the entire perimeter  of the coffin, including most importantly, the base. This activity was practised several times at company workshop premises with all relevant materials and staff present.

Placing within the carrier coffin

Once placed within the carrier coffin, and the lid secured, our duty of care and dignity to the deceased was almost complete. The following day, in the early morning, we effected the re burial with the next of kin by our side.