Direct Cremation, what does it mean…

Direct Cremation in Kent has become a popular method of providing a service to bring to an end the whole funeral process. Often quite quickly and very simply.

During the awful pandemic

Direct cremation in Kent has become more popular. It has always been available even though many funeral providers will tell you its an entirely new idea. Like very young children they think they know it all!

Included in our direct cremation

We will collect the deceased from the place of death and bring them to our premises. This will be in normal working hours, as in Monday to Friday and 9.00am till 5.00pm. (we do have a 24hour service and it will be available should you need to use it. There is an additional £300.00 fee to pay) This we will do within around a 10 mile radius of the office you select. Don’t worry about getting out maps to check, we will not charge any additional fee so long as the distance is reasonable.

We will then take the deceased in their coffin, to the appropriate crematorium for cremation at an unspecified day and time. There will be no service at this facility.

Direct Cremation vehicles

Whilst we will use these vehicles, not the traditional hearse, they are still bespoke and professionally equipped vehicles. Don’t accept rusty old estate cars or people carries please, they are completely unnecessary as there are so many professional alternatives! The van on the right of this picture belongs to the company handyman and we will NOT be using this one.

The ashes will be available to you shortly thereafter, directly to you (the client) from the crematorium.

We will ensure the correct documents are obtained and delivered to the crematorium.

Our charge for this service is £1750.00

We are still governed by our compliance with the NAFD Funeral Directors Code.